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Welcome to Shree Jewelers


Why buy at Shree Jewelers?
We are one of the most reputed jewelry stores in Sunnyvale, CA. With over 30 years of experience and with our team of designers, we can proudly claim that our products are unqiue and are of high quality. Our pricing is straight forward and our customer service is Top Notch.

Do you have any branches in India?
We only have a retail store in Sunnyvale, CA. We do not have any stores or branches in India.

Why are few items showing up as "Out of Stock" or "Custom Order"?
Any items that we can reproduce, we put them as Out of Stock or Custom Order. All these items can be re-ordered. So you can place an order and we can get you the items in 2-3 weeks.

Do you take custom orders?
We have a huge design team which is ready to provide you a price for any custom orders. All you have to do is to forward us picture and details if you have of any item and we will get back to you with an approximate price and once you confirm we can get the piece done. We have one of the best designers so go ahead and email us of any designs/pictures that you come across and we are more than happy to provide you with an estimate.

Why are your prices so low when compared to other competitors?
Unlike other jewelers, we do not have any middle-men cutting commissions anywhere right from procuring the raw material to design, making and selling. We do everything in house and try to pass on the savings to the customer.

What is the guarantee that our prices and quality is right?
Our procurement team has very stringent rules when it comes to procuring Diamonds and Gold for our Jewelry. We work with one of the best Labs to get our jewelry tested. Apart from that, you can get our items checked with any Gemologist that you have faith in to get the confidence. We can proudly say that our Diamonds and Precious Stones are of high standards and our motto is to beleive in quality than pricing.

We have been in the Jewelry business for more than 30 years and we are successful only because of the Trust & Honesty. We procure and design our jewelry at most competitive prices with the best quality possible and we pass on the same to our customers.

We are so confident on our products that we are giving you a 7 day no question asked return policy for a full refund. You can see the item live and if you do not like it or you are not satisfied, just return back the item and we will provide you a full refund. No questions asked.

What are your Shipping Charges?
There are no Shipping charges. All orders are shipped free of cost.

Return Policy and Cancellation Policy?
Our Return and Cancellation policy is also simple. You can return the item for a full refund provided you ship the item back to us within 7 days and provide us the tracking number. We do not have to receive the item within 7 days. For Eg: You can ship the item even on the 7th day and will receive a full refund as it meets our criteria.

If the item is returned back to us between 7 – 14 days, then we will charge a 10% restocking fee and will refund back the rest of the amount.

All items have to be returned via USPS Express Mail with full insurance and the shipping charges will not be reimbursed by Shree Jewelers and the customer is responsible for those charges.

What is the advantage of paying via Check vs Credit Card?
If you pay by Check, we do not incur any Financial charges so due to which if you decide to return, we will be able to return the entire amount. But if you pay by credit card, we incur a charge of 3% by the Credit Card company so we have to deduct 3% and refund you the money if paid by credit card. So we highly encourage customers to pay by Check so that it will be a win win situation for the customer.

Any price negotiation?
There is absolutely no price negotiation. The price mentioned on the website is final and no one at our end has the authority to reduce the price. We believe that we are very competitive in pricing for the quality that we deliver.

Do you do a price matching or compete with other vendors?
We truly beleive that there should not be any vendor offering anything close to our prices and quality in US. If a competitor claims that they can give you a better quality at a lesser price, or claim that their Diamonds or Stones are of better quality, you dont have to take our word but instead you can get our items verified by an independent Gemologist and only after your Gemologist certifies you can purchase the item. We strongly feel that the value we provide is unmatched. So unfortunately we do not do any price matching nor compete with any of our competitors.$$.

Why are the jewelry photos not looking super professional?
We do not enhance or use any sophisticated software and tools to make our jewelry look picture perfect. We believe in presenting our jewelry the way they look.

We believe that the jewelry photos should be presented the way it is and the jewelry that you receive should be nicer than the photographs and not the other way around. If you like our jewelry catalog onsite, then we assure you that the real piece will be many more times nicer than the online photos. We are the only website in the entire world who believes in this philosophy and we are proud to be the first.

What is Today's Low Price?
Today's Low Price is calculated based on Current Gold Bullion Spot Price.

What kind of jewelry you are specialized in?
We specialize in Diamonds, Uncut/Polki Diamonds, Kundan, Gold, Victorian and designer Items. Exclusive Designer Collection is our Specialty.

What Kind of Guarantee do you give for the Diamond Jewelry?
All our Diamond Jewelry is certified by IGI Lab. IGI is the #1 reputed lab in India and we are proud to be associated with IGI. You will also receive our store invoice assuring you that the item you bought is fully guaranteed.

How do we know if the item is in stock?
We highly encourage our customers to either send us a quick email or make a quick phone call to check to see if the item is available before placing an order just to be safe.
Repair Policy?
Any minor issues (bending, breakage etc.,), we will not charge anything for the repairs. They are all free of charge.

If there are any missing stones, diamonds, pearls etc., from the items, then the customer is responsible to pay for the missing items. We will try our best making sure we charge very minimal for the replacement items and will also try our best to keep the repair charges as minimal as possible.

The customer is responsible to pay the Shipping Charges for both ways including insurance.

Will you exchange 24k Pure Bullion Coins with Jewelry?
Yes we will exchange bullion Coins and Bars with Jewelry, You will receive a Full credit based on the Buy Price on Kitco + $40. We treat this as service to our loyal customers and not profit out of it.

Do you offer Secure checkout?
Yes Shree Jewelers is secured with SSL Encryption and fully secured.

How Can I track my item?
You will receive a Tracking number once we ship the item over email. Additionally you can call us to find out the Tracking number.
Shree Jewelers has a excellent Customer Service, Call 408 7491635 for a status update.

Are the Prices according to the Gold Price on a certain day?
Yes, The Prices of a Certain Item depends on Gold Price.

What is Gross Gold weight?
Gross Gold weight is the weight of the Entire Item including Diamonds, Polkis, Gemstones and Beads.

To which states do You ship?
We Ship across all the states in USA

What Mode of Shipment do you use?
We Use USPS Priority Shipping with Full insurance.

What are the different Payment Types you accept?
We accept all Major Credit Cards, Checks/Money Order, Wire Transfer and will ship the item only after getting the funds.
Call us to find the account and routing Info for Wire Transfer.

What are Uncut Diamonds
Uncut Diamonds does not have the cut style of Traditional Diamonds. But the Base stone is still a Diamond.
Uncut Diamond Jewelry have become greatly affordable when compared to past and have become a trend in great designs.
Unlike Manmade CZ's the Uncut Diamonds does not lose the sparkle & look and can be passed to generations.

What is the Difference between VVS and VVS1?
VVS itself means Very Very Slightly Included, Inclusions is directly related to the sparkle in the diamonds.
for larger diamonds its classified into VVS1 and VVS2 depending on the position of the inclusion.
For smaller diamonds there is no way to differentiate between both.

What is Diamond Color?
Diamond Color ranges from D-Z. D being Colorless (Most valuable) and Z being light Yellow.
Small diamonds are certified in a Range DEF being one range, GHIJ, KLMN is the next range and so on.
All our diamonds Falls under E& F range.
What is Cut?
Each diamond has over 52-53 Faces and does not depend on the size.
The Cut indicates the All the Faces are symmetrical, and the smoothness of each face is nice and clean.
All our Diamonds fall in the Top 2 cut Grades.

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